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I'll try and keep this updated.  Putting together links that may be helpful for you and those that may be of interest in regards to the recent breach.

FTC: Credit Freeze FAQs 

OptOutPrescreen - Stop the insurance and credit card mailers

IRS: The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

Consumers Union - Overviews of Security Freeze legislation in states

Federal Trade Commision's Identity Theft Recovery Steps 

FTC: The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do


Data Breach Charts by State

Equifax XSS Vulnerability (bug)

Apache Struts Statement on Equifax Security Breach

Senator Schatz Letter to Equifax

Rep. Ted Lieu is requesting a House hearing over the breach

Equifax: A Category 5 Cybersecurity Crisis Storm

Equifax Breach Response Turns Dumpster Fire

Equifax Launches WordPress-Powered Site for Consumers Affected by Security Breach

Equifax Lobbied To Kill Rule Protecting Victims Of Data Breaches

U.S. House Considers Trojan Horse Bill To Weaken Credit Bureau Laws

A Brief History Of Equifax Security Fails

Equifax hack’s lax apology vexes

Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info

Insider Trading (SEC)

Rule 10b5-1 Plans: What You Need to Know

Suspect trading in Equifax options before breach might have generated millions in profit

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed

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